Coronavirus Safety in our Dental Office

The California Dental Association (CDA) is closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and has gathered the latest information and tips in one place to help members decrease their risks and protect their patients, staff, and practice

Dr. Daniel Jeffrey Cohen, DDS, and his staff have always worked…

Techniques and Tips to Relieving Tooth Pain and Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth are not only painful, but they can also begin to interfere with your daily life.
Tooth sensitivity is among the common causes of a toothache.
The phrase “tooth sensitivity” refers to tooth discomfort or feelings of toothache in one or more teeth.

People who suffer from tooth sensitivity avoid daily activities such as consuming hot or cold foods and beverages as well as…

Calcium and How it Affects Teeth

Solid teeth and also bones are very important for total wellness.
One crucial consider maintaining your teeth solid and also healthy and balanced is calcium.

Calcium is among one of the most bountiful minerals in the body. It can be discovered in particular foods and also is additionally contributed to vitamins as well as various other nutritional supplements as it is such a crucial minera…

5 Dental Habits to Cut Out from Your Health Routine

Whether we recognize them or otherwise, everyone has methods which eventually create our routines. We are so acquainted with paying attention to particular products of advice that these factors quickly happen staples in our daily lives– take in great deals of citrus fruits, do not overlook to rinse, as well as additionally brush your teeth with an electric tooth brush after every recipe, as an…

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