Starches Could Be Just As Bad For Your Teeth

Starches Could Be Just As Bad For Your Teeth


What you eat can affect your teeth and gums, in fact, your Mission Viejo Dentist will tell you foods that are good for your body, may not necessarily be the best when it comes to your oral health.

These days it seems like everyone is switching over to whole wheat. Whole wheat bread and even pasta is the preferred choice when it comes to healthy eating, but according to Dr. Daniel Jeffrey Cohen these foods should be consumed in moderation because carbohydrates are converted to sugar almost instantly after you eat. The best way to enjoy your whole wheat or any other starchy foods for that matter is to rinse your mouth after eating.


White bread is one of the biggest no no’s when it comes to your teeth. Not only does it convert to sugar immediately, but it can also get stuck in-between your teeth. Once again, if you do not rinse after eating that white bread that you enjoyed for lunch could be wrecking havoc with your teeth.

Everyone loves to snack, but even healthy bagel chips and baked potato chips can cause tooth decay. Pretzels are the healthier choice when it comes to snack foods, but because of the starchy content, these foods actually feed the plaque in your mouth. When you eat starchy foods, they are exposed to the plaque forming acids that will attack your teeth for about 20 minutes after you have finished eating. Constant attacks will break down the enamel on your teeth that eventually resulting in tooth decay. Plaque can also produce dangerous toxins that will attack your gums and the bones that support your teeth.

Everyone, including your Dentist in Mission Viejo will tell you how bad sugar is for your teeth. Yes, it can make you gain weight, but just like starchy foods, hard candy, sugary soda’s, chewy caramels, and other sweet treats feed the plaque in your mouth.


If you must eat something sweet have a bit of chocolate as recent research conducted by the Holland National Institute for Public Health and Environment shows that chocolate may not be as bad for your teeth as other sugary foods. In fact, the cocoa butter in the chocolate helps coat your teeth and just might prevent plaque. Yes, the sugar in the chocolate can cause cavities, but no more sugar than in other foods. Dark chocolate is also high in anti-oxidants, which can help fight tooth decay.

When it comes to your teeth, your Mission Viejo Dentist recommends everything in moderation, brush twice, floss once a day, and see your Dentist in Westlake regularly. Schedule a check up today with Dr. Daniel Jeffrey Cohen.

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