Why Bring Your Kids to Children’s Dentists in Case of a Tooth Injury?

Why Bring Your Kids to Children’s Dentists in Case of a Tooth Injury?

Children’s dentists deal with various types of tooth injuries daily and it is quite important for parents to know the importance of bringing their kids to doctors of pediatric dentistry.  Active children risk getting their teeth injured during play and other activities, which can lead to more tooth and gum problems and low self-esteem, especially when not managed correctly.  Furthermore, the quicker you can get your child to cosmetic dentists in Mission Viejo, the better chances there are of saving that injured tooth.  Also, as parents, you should always know what to do in case your children’s teeth get damaged.

Tooth injuries common in pediatric dentistry

Fracture.  Tooth fractures can be quite common as a result of blunt trauma to the face.  This type of tooth injury can be painless or painful, depending on the extent of the fissure.  If the fracture extends down to the pulp where most of the pain receptors are, then it will naturally be painful.  Some fractures can also cause teeth to become more sensitive to temperature changes and some types of foods.  Children’s dentists in Mission Viejo can glue the fracture to another tooth for anchor until it heals over time.  They can also fill and replace the crown or missing enamel on the tooth.  If the fracture proves to be too deep, root canal may be performed, followed by filling or installation of a crown.

Chipped tooth.  A chipped tooth can be fixed by filling or by putting a crown on to cover the chipped enamel to make sure it does not break further to expose the dentin and pulp.  When the inner tooth is exposed, the dentist may be forced to perform root canal and filling.  If infection is present, your children’s dentist may prescribe antibiotics to prevent more abscesses and other serious gum diseases.  Children most commonly chip their teeth while playing or as a result of falling while biking, skating or other accidents.

Knocked-out tooth.  A knocked-out tooth does not usually pose a problem as much as losing a permanent tooth does.  If your child loses a permanent tooth, it can still be re-implanted as long as it is properly handled prior to the trip to cosmetic dentists.  The tooth may still be viable and this is why you should take the necessary steps when your child loses a tooth.  Some would advise that the tooth be washed with cold milk.  If possible, the parent should also place the tooth onto the socket and stabilize it to ensure that it will not be damaged any further and get to your child’s dentist as soon as possible.

These are only some of the most common tooth injuries that your children may experience.  Practitioners of pediatric dentistry in the Laguna Niguel area like Dr. Cohen can help you get your children’s teeth fixed.  Our staff is well-trained to handle emergency dental cosmetic procedures and we can take your call 24/7.  Call one of our cosmetic dentists’ team members now if you need assistance in saving your child’s precious teeth at the soonest possible time.  (949) 281-7605.

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