Why Go to a Dentist in Mission Viejo for Teeth Whitening?

Why Go to a Dentist in Mission Viejo for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening treatments and procedures have increasingly become popular with different types of people as part of their dental care.   If you want to have your teeth whitened, make sure to look for a trained and licensed dentist in Mission Viejo to do the task for you.  As much as possible, never take matters into your own hands and buy over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products that may hurt you if used improperly.  Remember, these OTC agents may contain chemicals that may harm you more than they can whiten your teeth.  So if you want effective and safe teeth whitening procedures, make sure to visit the right people who can perform the job.

What to expect prior to teeth whitening in Ladera Ranch?

Like any dental check-up, your dentist will first have to gather information about your health history, possible allergies and examine your gums for disease and your teeth for fractures to make sure that the procedure will go smoothly.  If you have cracked teeth that need filling, your dentist will first have to fix these problems before they can move on to bleaching your teeth.

After making sure that you have healthy gums and teeth, your dentist will want to know the cause for discoloration to know which agents and procedures will work best with whitening your teeth.  The reason for this is that not all whitening agents will work for everybody.  Your dentist has to identify the problem first before recommending solutions.

Your dentist will ask you how much you want your teeth to be whitened and may show you various degrees or levels of whitening.  You should then be given various options, if there are any, and your dentist should explain each clearly and provide information about the cost.  If he fails to mention on the onset, do not feel embarrassed to ask about how much you need to pay for the procedure.

What to do after the teeth whitening procedure?

Taking care of your newly-whitened set of teeth is very important after the procedure.  Your teeth may feel a little sensitive but this should improve over time.  You may also be advised to generally avoid colored and fatty food for a few hours or even days.  Never disregard your dentist’s instructions with regards to what you can and cannot eat post-whitening procedure to ensure that it is successful.

If sensitivity persists for a few days more than what your dentist in Mission Viejo has advised, send your doctor a message about it.

Here at Dr. Cohen’s, we seriously advise you to visit our clinic if you want to have your teeth whitened because we can perform the procedure safely and legally.  Never fall into the trap of getting teeth whitening treatments from bargain, fly-by-night alternatives such as beauty salons and spas that may not be trained and licensed to perform the procedure.  We perform the right assessment, advise you to get the best option for your type of teeth and lifestyle and ensure that you will have the proper dental care after procedure.  For inquiries about teeth whitening in your area, please call:  (949) 281-7605.

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