Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry by Dr. Cohen, Mission Viejo

Sedation Dentistry Mission Viejo CaGoing to the dentist can be scary for anyone. However, some people are especially anxious about the experience, and like to get extra help to relax during their appointment. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable, during your dental appointment so don’t hesitate to ask us about the wide range of sedation dentistry options to ensure your visit is pain and anxiety free.

Sedation Dentistry Methods

Dr. Cohen uses the safest procedures for pain and anxiety-free dentistry, including Nitrous Oxide sedation (Laughing Gas), Oral Sedation medication and General Anesthesia. All our sedation dentistry procedures are safety-focused and approved by the American Dental Association.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide sedation (Laughing Gas) is a very safe and effective way to reduce anxiety during your dental visit. Unlike other forms of sedation, you will be able to drive once the affects have worn off.

General Anesthesia

For the ultimate in comfort and relaxation and to completely eliminate the discomfort from longer procedures general anesthesia is the way to go. After your initial examination, if we determine that you are a candidate for the procedure then we will bring in a licensed Anesthesiologist to assure that you will be completely pain and anxiety free. Let us know at the time of your appointment if you are considering this option of anesthesia.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Whether you are in need of a simple teeth cleaning or are undergoing a more complex procedure, you need not feel uncomfortable. To manage pain and anxiety in these cases, we offer a wide range of oral sedation dentistry and medications which may be taken prior to your appointment.

Call Us With Sedation Dentistry Questions

A member of our staff would be happy to discuss your options with you, and answer any and all of your concerns. If you have any questions about your appointment.

Please call us (949) 383-5457 before your appointment for Sedation Dentistry.