Teeth Whitening

Getting the Most Out of Teeth Whitening

You will be in good hands with Dr. Cohen when you go in for routine procedures such as teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening services can often times mean multiple visits to the dentist office when that is not necessary. The system that Dr. Cohen uses for routine whitening simply requires one office visit to get you started; and from there you are free to follow the routine while going about your everyday life. Your visit will involve one in-office teeth whitening treatment and a thorough description of what will be required for your new whitening regimen. You will have a special mold of your teeth made; it will be cast to custom fit your mouth for the most effective teeth whitening. You will have a routine you will want to follow along with using Dr. Cohen’s special whitening products. You will notice dramatic teeth whitening right after your initial visit and nothing but whiter teeth from there.

It is the ultimate cosmetic convenience allowing you to better your smile while bettering your life. When it comes to routine dental procedures Dr. Cohen is the best choice in the Mission Viejo area.

Not Just Teeth Whitening

Dr. Cohen’s experience and education not only include broad cosmetic dentist services but more advanced procedures in implant dentistry. If you should lose one of your permanent teeth and feel like there is no way you will be able to fix it, look no further. Modern dentistry has come very far in the world of prosthodontics making a lost tooth perfectly replaceable. Reasons for people getting dental implants can be caused by many different things; sports accidents, tooth decay, discolored or misshapen teeth can be just a few reasons. If you find yourself in need of teeth implants you look no further than Dr. Cohen. He has received advanced, specialized training in the process of prosthodontics and will help you decide what kind of implants are best for you. It can be a bit tricky deciding whether you should get dental veneers, implants, caps or crowns but you will get the best advice and have plenty of help from Dr. Cohen when it comes to these important choices. Having dental implants can be the perfect, permanent solution for your dental needs. The procedure involved surgical fixation of an artificial root to your upper or lower jaw bone and from there an artificial tooth is permanently placed. The process involves surgery and some follow up visits while you heal from your procedure. After many weeks of healing you will have your new tooth set to your implants and have a wholesome smile once again. Teeth are shaped, fit, and colored to match your natural smile. Your new tooth implants will work, look, and feel just like real teeth provided that you maintain healthy oral hygiene. Proper care of your dental implant will also ensure that you will not need to have it replaced to to losing it or decay.
Many people who are in need of professional dental care are skeptical and chose not to seek treatment because they assume the costs will be too great for their budget or insurance coverage. It is sad to think that people go without dental care because they think they can’t afford it. Dr. Cohen makes it a point in his profession to make sure that everyone who needs dental treatment gets it. He and his associates will work you and your insurance company to create an affordable plan while you are on the road to dental health.

The true focus of Dr. Cohen goes beyond a professional career. He truly cares about his patients and becomes familiar with all of their specific cases and dental needs; he goes beyond professional care to personal care. Dr. Cohen’s office shines above the rest; combining the cutting edge in dental technology with friendly, personal care to provide the best experience available in modern dentistry. The high quality of treatment you receive is matched only by the caring support provided by the staff of Dr. Cohen’s office.

If you have cosmetic dentistry needs or questions about teeth whitening, please call our office today – your most beautiful smile yet is waiting!